Top 7 Places to Advertise Your Listing

Top 7 Places to Advertise Your Listing

As landlords, finding great tenants as quickly and effectively as possible is key. You ability to advertise is crucial to being able to find well-qualified tenants.

The question always being asked is, “Where should I post my rental listing — where are the top places to advertise?” Today, we’re answering that question!

Advertise Your Listing at These Top 7 Places

  1. Craigslist (FREE) –  This is a great source to list your rental. For some areas across the U.S., Craigslist is their biggest source of rental inventory. Craigslist is widely known and recognized. The biggest issues you find are scams and unqualified tenants. While it may seem rude, I only respond to those who seem “credible.” This allows me to not provide scammers with my personal information.
  2. Facebook Groups (FREE) – Social media can be an awesome source of advertising. That’s why you should always share your posting to the local groups that you’re in. You can also share it to your personal page and ask others to share it on their pages.
  3. Zillow (FREE) – This is a free website that lets you create your ad that will appear online.
  4. Military By Owner  This site is not free. It is a fee-based listing service and can usually be found in military prevalent areas.
  5. AHRN (FREE) – This site features rental home listings and marketing tailored to today’s military community.
  6. Sign in Front of House and Neighborhood – Putting a “for-rent” sign out in front of your house and community entrance is a great way to find potential tenants who are looking in that area. Only put general information on the sign. We’re not listing this as free because signs normally cost $15 each, which can quickly add up if you have multiple houses. While you can reuse signs, we have found that being general (so you can use the same sign for each house) creates a lot of “fishing” phone calls rather than truly interested prospects.
  7. TurboTenant – This site lists to many other advertising sites, as well as manages your applications, leases, and collection of rent.

Did we miss an advertising source? Where do you list your houses?

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