How to Prepare Your House for Rental Photos

How to Prepare Your House for Rental Photos

Your ad is very important to getting the traffic and the price that you want for your rental house. After putting up a great ad, your property should rent!

Prepare Your House With These Tips

1. Declutter all pet supplies

You do not want prospective tenants to have a preconceived notion about about your house. You don’t want them to see pet toys or a litter box and consider it a “pet house.”

2. Clean off all surfaces

You want your house to feel open and spacey, not cluttered. Just remember this is not the time to sort and go through everything. Don’t get side tracked! Stick with the plan, and just clear it off to take the photo.

3. Remove towels and other hanging items

Unfortunately hanging items do not give the best impression in pictures. Remove all towels, hanging jackets, and other items throughout the house.

4. Put things where they belong

As you walk around the house, remove any items that should not be there. For example, a basket of laundry in the middle of your room.

5. Throw away items

Throw out old shampoo bottles and basically anything that you hesitate on keeping. Go ahead and throw away.

6. Tidy closets and storage

While it is easy to stuff everything in your closets and other areas., don’t forget that these areas will need to be tidy and photo ready too. Most people find it very important to see pictures of all the storage areas. Everyone loves big closets!

7.  Clean up the landscaping

Mow and weed the lawn. Make the landscaping look nice.

8. Use secret hiding places

You may have the best of intentions to make the house look good and organized for the pictures, but after spending the alotted time putting away items, you may quickly realize that you’re running out of time. So find some secret hideaways.

Secret Hiding Places

Do you have more clutter than places to put it all? Here are some tricks for where to put things to create perfect photos.

  • Use vanities and other built-in cabinets without glass windows – These areas are great because no one checks them and the camera can’t see through them.
  • Move it behind and on the side of beds – Throw a ton of stuff behind and on the side of the bed where people wouldn’t see anything. Even cover it with a blanket!
  • Use laundry baskets – Go around picking up the odds and ends that don’t have anywhere to go and put them all into a laundry basket.
  • Stick it underneath furniture – Put the laundry baskets underneath the desk and putting the chair in front of it.
  • Move items around – Since you only photograph one room at a time, you can move things around as you take photos.

Remember: At the end of the day you will do everything you can and it still won’t be perfect. The key is to do your very best and to put the house up for rent.

Want a secret to preventing a lot of this work?

Take pictures of the house empty before you move in! Even if you make changes later, some of the first pictures might be able to still be used. This way you have the garage, bathrooms, and other areas covered.

What are you tips and tricks to getting your house ready?

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