5 Ways to Find the Perfect Home

5 Ways to Find the Perfect Home

Do’s and Don’ts of Expectations for Your New House

So you, your spouse or both of you, decide to invest in a new place. The first thing you do is make your “wishlist” for the new place.  You come up with a budget, you start looking and suddenly you realize you doing the equivalent of wearing Alaskan winter clothes in Hawaii!

Don’t feel out of place! Start on the right foot by first figuring out what that “normal” is for that area. Remember even though technology has made the world “small” that real estate  and its best practices are local.

Here’s 5 Ways to Prevent From Making Outside Mistakes

First – Ask What Amenities are Standard To the Area?

Maybe you grew up or are familiar with one region, but are looking to invest in another region. Maybe you’re wondering about fireplaces or gas versus electricity, single story, sprinklers and mandatory fenced in backyards. Or other amenities like FROG (finished room over garage), fences extra, with second stories and no irrigation systems. Don’t find yourself showing up with snow ski clothes for water skiing. Think to ask what is normal and then what is a premium. Make your property wish list “local”.

Second – Schools

Perhaps you only want to buy in certain school areas because they are districted.  Some areas don’t practice districts so its important to know if that should be a primary concern. You would hate to buy in a certain area for the schools only to find it’s open district.

Third – Price Range

EVERY area is local to that area. You might have grown up in a pricey neighborhood where half a million or slightly more was “normal”, but size-wise it was actually pretty small. But then look in a market where a mansion is only half the size of a “normal” home in another region. One market’s $800 apartment is lovely, while another market’s $800 apartment a dump! Have you checked the price ranges for your new market? Be sure to evaluate the price ranges and what that gets you.


Look at prices LOCALLY and then determine your budget! While we ALL want a great deal,  you often get what you pay for; cheap houses have catches.

Fourth- How Quickly Do Houses Move

In some areas you will have 30 houses to choose from and others people will LITERALLY show up with deposit and houses disappear. So ask around and figure out the market, assume people do not hold, and be prepared. If you see your DREAM house don’t sit on it. If it is a competitive market then you need to be competitive back. So be prepared by coming prepared.

Fifth- Be Realistic So You Don’t Start off On the Wrong Foot

This ties into the previous point, know the market and how to act. If it is super competitive, don’t try to negotiate every little pointtry to get the pet fee lowered, or start off on the wrong foot. You want to sell YOURSELF to the seller. Therefore you need to surround yourself with advisors who can let you know the climate so you get the best deal for yourself, while not losing every deal because one is overly demanding.

The biggest take away from this article is to remember you have no idea WHAT the new area is going to be like. Going in with a “set” price or other previously conceived notions will, at best, slightly set you back and at worst mean you are getting a bad deal.  Therefore learn the area, find a trusted advisor or advisors, and leave behind your preconceived notions about other more familiar markets.  Each real estate market is different and unique.

So keep an open mind when you are looking for a house. A little information searching before hand can really help you find the perfect investment!

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