3 Out of the Box Ways to Advertise Your Listing

3 Out of the Box Ways to Advertise Your Listing

Newspaper listings are a thing of the past!

The new normal is to post via Military By Owner, TurboTenant, Zillow Manager, and even Facebook groups. As with every evolution there are always trend setters. Here are the 3 Out of the Box Ways to Advertise Your Listing.

Set Up A Facebook Page

I am seeing this more and more. People are creating a Facebook page with all the pictures of their house info, etc. This makes it really easy when their house is up for renewal. They simply share the Facebook page all over when it is time to rent the house out.

Interested in Trying Out a Facebook Page?

Here are some Great Examples!

Glasl Rental Enterprises

A New Home For You

See below graphic to find where to set up your free facebook page

Create Sponsored Facebook Post

Another really cool thing is if you have a Facebook page, when it is time to rent you house out you can sponsored it. Basically, that means it becomes an Ad that shows up on select demographics. It is a similar concept to an online newspaper Ad. You do pay a little bit for ads, but you an pick the demographic. While I have not done this I have heard some very positive experiences in finding people.

Create a Website for Your House

This is probably my favorite method. It personally is totally on my ‘to do lists” to finish as I have already bought my domain and have the page almost set up. The reason I LOVE the idea of owning my website with all my rentals listed is the control. No update or policy change will ever harm you.  You can add as many pictures  and whatever format you wish and most importantly you can have ALL your houses in on area along with links to your criteria page. and being able to create more information.

The way I have seen most people create their pages is by either using a specific brand like  “Doc Dorms” or by using the street address.

Interested in Trying Out a Webpage Page?

Here are some Great Examples!



Ready to Create Your Own?

If you are interested in creating your own website. It is super easy you buy your domain and set it up through GoDaddy. Here is a 30% off coupon. I recommend even if you are NOT ready to get started RIGHT now in regards to setting up your webpage,  you reserve your site. This way when you ARE ready to  finish the project the desired address is available. This is especially important if you want more than just a street address. I personally reserved a few, as I am playing around with ideas as I want the site to expand our ENTIRE empire and not just one house.


Let’s talk cost! Facebook page is obviously the cheapest. It is currently free, and it is also the easiest to set up. I would say the Facebook sponsored are the most expensive  method as there is truly a strategy and one that a first-timer wouldn’t know. So if you use it expect some learning curve.

My personal favorite is the website. While I am sure Facebook like google won’t be disappearing. The reality is Facebook is starting to already be towards and “older” generation. With snap chat and other newer products coming out, Facebook makes me worry about the long term. On the other hand, websites are not going ANYWHERE at this point

Did I miss any ideas? What non-traditional methods do you rent your house out?

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